A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies and 30-day money-back guarantee. You'll need intuition, nerves of steel, and clever acting if you're going to survive and win the game. Stay Away Lyrics: You choke my throat with words of wonder / You make it hard to breathe / Your love's so cold, just like an arrow / Pierced through my skin, I bleed / … It’s up to the other players to decide if they trust you or not, judging your behavior and choosing whether to join you, eliminate you, or run away! 1988. on my mind Just give me one more chance, we can make it this time Stay away, stay away from my heart - bet I'm trying my best Stay away, stay away. cards on a player to his right or to his left, unless there is a Quarantine or a Barred Door between the two players, in both directions. Clicca qui per iscriverti o accedere al sito, © 2004 - 2019 Associazione Culturale - "TdG" La Tana dei Goblin C.F./P.IVA: 12082231007 - Via Arbia 27, 00199 Roma, Regolamento del sito | Archivio | Informativa privacy e cookie | Contatti. Stay away. So make sure you protect your blob all the time, survive all dangers and become the largest blob of all. Comunque, quello che volevo chiedervi è: le carte “Spaventato” e “No, amico!” possono essere giocate solamente quando il giocatore PRECEDENTE a me chiede uno scambio carte e/o qualsiasi altro giocatore mi chiede una scambio carte (ad esempio con la carta “seduzione”)? It’s not. The STAY AWAY! and PANIC! card to add to your hand. The underlying philosophy is to get chills of fear while having fun together. Toto. Mi ha da subito conquistato! RapeLay is not an easy game to recommend to people giving its horrific subject matter. 4) To increase the strategic component, a player can only use the "Seduction", "You’d Better Run! cards in your hand. because you can't trust anyone and no one will trust you! A group of archeologists has mysteriously disappeared during an expedition to the risen island of R'lyeh. There are two types of cards, recognizable by different backs (STAY AWAY!, and PANIC! Giocare carte difensive quindi, può avvantaggiare ulteriormente il giocatore in difesa, che oltre a difendersi avrà anche una possibilità in più di pescare. The archaeologists are looking for The Thing; their goal is to work together to identify which player is The Thing and roast it with a "Flamethrower" card. The archaeologists are looking for The Thing. A) The Thing is eliminated from the game. figurative, informal (not indulge in) éviter ⇒ vtr verbe transitif : verbe qui s'utilise avec un complément d'objet direct (COD). There are two alternatives to the story depending if single player or co-op mode is played. Mira 5 traducciones acreditadas de stay away en español con oraciones de ejemplo y pronunciación de audio. You remain Human until The Thing passes an "Infected!" La Tana dei Goblin protegge e condivide i contenuti del sito in base alla seguente licenza Creative Commons: Attribuzione - Non Commerciale - Condividi allo stesso modo, v.4.0. I cant find it anywhere. Can you hear the sound that comes from the depth of the wood? Experience different cars with various speed and capacity in unique worlds, pick up in game bonuses and try to transport as much passenger as you can. So block the doors, quarantine a suspect, reveal your identity to your "allies", grab a flamethrower or run away from your place… but look carefully where you will end up, because "The Thing" might be closer than you think... “Stay Away!” is a game for 4-12 players. Ciao Andrea, Best for relaxing and time-killing. The good new is that to Ares Games, we will finally relase an English version for US market soon. Who is who and who is what? If there is an "obstacle" between you and the next player (such as a "Barred Door" or "Quarantine"), you do not exchange cards. card and add it to your hand. B) No Human remains in the game. Mimì: the first real Spinning Top interacting with your iPad. You only use the cards numbered from 4 to 6 for the game). In Stay Away!, 4-12 players try to track down "The Thing", a creature 
awakened from a nauseating eternal slumber on the emerged R'lyeh island that has the capability of possessing the human body, cloning it, then taking its place, so as you play you won't know who "The Thing" is or when someone will become "The Thing" or who is infected or not. Stay Away! Hold for more fun. Farm Attack: Action Game for iOS (w.i.p.). Tokaido - Tutorial e Gameplay - Duration: 28:22. All eliminated players lose. Learn more. PRINCIPALI CARATTERISTICHE: Gioca a 2 giocatori o a 4 giocatori! card, you must play it immediately and discard it (face down) after you use it. - ACTION CARDS - You can only play these cards during your turn, never as a response to another card. stay away from sb/sth meaning: 1. to not go near or become involved with someone; to avoid something that will have a bad effect…. The Thing (who alone can know all the roles) can still follow the game and give directions to the other players, at its discretion, without ever explicitly stating the roles of the other players. The game is played in turns. Instead, the two factions have to fight it out until all of the Infected or all the Humans have been eliminated. 2) If you draw a PANIC! "Getaway" is a song by Mark Cherry written to tell G.O.B. Special Case 2: If The Thing declares victory, but other Humans are still in play, the latter can reveal their identity and win the game, while The Thing, the Infected and all the eliminated players lose. The Thing will declare the end of the game when all the Humans or all the Infected have been eliminated. - DEFENSE CARDS - These cards can only be played in response to an action taken by another player or a PANIC! You are a member of a rescue team sent to aid them, but as you investigate the site, you encounter something terrible that seeks to destroy your team from within... You'll need intuition, nerves of steel, and clever acting if you're going to survive and win the game. All surviving players (Human or Infected) win, while all eliminated players lose. Having good intuition, to be to pretend, lie and keep your nerves and eyes open are the basis of winning the game, but you never know how it will end: you may be following in the footsteps of "The Thing" but then become" Infected" and have to negotiate in the name of “The Thing”. Entra nella community e lancia la sfida! Special Case 1: In the exceptional situation where The Thing is able to infect all the other players and no Humans have been eliminated from the game, The Thing is the only winner and everyone else loses! Stayaway definition: a nonviolent strike by workers | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 3) From the remaining cards, temporarily set aside the "Infected!" However, you need to stay away from larger enemies, especially when they try to kill you. Grazie per il chiarimento! She knows what The story is not bad, but I feel that it should have had an ending where there was a better redemption for the ladies. Stay away is an amazing social deduction game that reminds us of the movie "The Thing", it's a fast and easy game to play, but during the game, you don't know who to trust. Hello Tomàs! The children always try to stay away from the scary old man who lived on the corner of their neighborhood. E’ il classico party game nel quale confluiscono risate, strategie, alleanze, bluff e divertimento. Questa ė stata la mia sensazione,ma ho visto anche molta gente divertirsi tanto da comprarlo subito dopo. O no? You remain Human until The Thing passes an "Infected!" Anything can happen and this is what creates chaos, fun and tension in the group of players. card from your hand and offer it to the next player in the order of play. 6) VENGEANCE MODE: if The Thing is eliminated, and there are both Humans and Infected still in the game, the game does not end. Party game adatto solo a chi non ha ancora visto nulla del boardgame moderno. le carte “Spaventato” e “No, Amico!” possono essere giocate soltanto in risposta ad uno scambio carte offerto da un altro giocatore, così come tutte le altre carte difensive (riconoscibili dal colore blu del titolo). They are random events that can add suspense during the game. After you complete all three steps, your turn is over and the next player begins his turn. If there are PANIC! Traduce stay away. In Stay Away!, 4-12 players try to track down "The Thing", a creature awakened from a nauseating eternal slumber on the emerged R'lyeh island that has the capability of possessing the human body, cloning it, then taking its place, so as you play you won't know who "The Thing" is or when someone will become "The Thing" or who is infected or not. In più, così come specificato nel testo di ogni carta difensiva, dopo aver giocato dovrai anche pescare una carta sostituitiva, in modo da ritrovarti sempre con 4 carte nella tua mano. Make sure you stay away from that cliff—one gust of wind could send you flying right over the edge! Players must keep the cards in hand hidden (unless a card instructs them otherwise). Stay Close is an experimental indie game with unseen and unique gameplay. card, you must then chose one of these two actions: PANIC! cards are part of the deck. Who will believe you? If you draw a STAY AWAY! But as you investigate the site, you encounter something terrible that seeks to destroy your team from within… - OBSTACLE CARDS - These cards let you isolate yourself or another player. Leggendo il regolamento non sono riuscito a capirlo. In un primo momento ho pensato:”Che senso ha che rifiuti di scambiare la carta con un giocatore successivo a te?”. https://www.facebook.com/AresGames/photos/a.250244015022941.60864.218782641502412/980663408647661/?type=3&theater. card to you during a card exchange, becoming an Infected and taking on that new Role: you are now an ally of The Thing and must take care that its identity is not revealed. Any ideas please? 5) Shuffle the rest of the cards in the deck with the "Infected!" Make sure to check your special ability every time you evolve, they can help you out in difficult situations! Oppure possono essere giocate anche quando dovrei essere io a passare la carta al giocatore SUCCESSIVO a me (e quindi anche riceverne una da lui)? Creato da giocatori per giocatori! cards on top of the deck must be discarded without looking at them, until it is possible to draw a STAY AWAY! The "Flamethrower" is the only card that can be used to eliminate an adjacent player, regardless of their Role. One Human will become The Thing on the first turn. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 23, 2020. Don’t let your curiosity kill you. La scheda tecnica del gioco è gentilmente concessa da Boardgamegeek. No, there isn’t any PnP on sale. He must put all of his cards on the discard pile without revealing them. Premesso, vi faccio i complimenti perché il gioco è veramente geniale. Revised Edition comes to the US in 4th quarter 2016, thanks to Ares Games. Hotel Ca' di Valle: Stay Away!! A) Discard one card from your hand to the discard pile (face down); or They can be divided into four types, based on their effects: STAY AWAY! ", and "Get Out of Here!" Tap to hit on the colorful tower. During the game, it is perfectly legal to talk to the other players. They can be divided into four types, based on their effects: ... Vorrei chiedervi un chiarimento in merito al regolamento del gioco Stay Away che ho acquistato qualche settimana fa. A mixed race American Indian rodeo champ returns to the reservation to help his people out. Unless that player has a "No Barbeque!" Per questo gioco non ci sono recensioni, se vuoi puoi contattare la redazione per pubblicare una tua recensione. Giochi da tavolo di carte e di fantasia - Dixit: Come si gioca - Duration: 9:09. STAY AWAY! 2) The other cards you must use depends on the number of players: all cards with a number in the bottom right corner greater than the number of players are returned to the box and are not used in the game (e.g., in a 6-player game, you must discard all the cards with numbers from 7 to 12. …con 15 Euro vi portate a casa un gioco del quale non vi stancherete facilmente e che amerete sin dalle prime battute. - See 224 traveler reviews, 235 candid photos, and great deals for Hotel Ca' di Valle at Tripadvisor. Color Shot 3D is one-tap addictive casual game. cards on top of the deck, you must discard them without looking at them, until you draw one STAY AWAY! scarica Dirty Doggie Dash APK ultima versione 1.0.0 per dispositivi Android. Hi, sorry for the english! If you get destroyed, your game will come to an end. LOOK OUT! cards can never be part of your hand. card during the draw phase at the beginning of your turn. cards set aside earlier to form a single draw deck and place it face down in the middle of the table. The next thing you have to do in the game is to collect more and more items to feed yourself, but you will notice that the vast majority of items are fast food. cards are part of the deck and once drawn must be added to your hand, and can be played at an appropriate time. Tredicesima puntata registrata il 17... ma per fortuna il nostro ospite non è superstizioso. The set-up is very easy. STAY AWAY! We play it at work during our lunch break, and in a 30 min time period, we can play this game about 4 times. It must always be included in the deck. From that moment on, that player assumes the Role of The Thing and he cannot discard or exchange this card. The Thing, all Infected, and all eliminated players lose. card during the draw phase of your turn, you must play it immediately, discarding it after you follow the instructions. Stay Away. Bel party game a tema fantascineza/horror che ricrea l'ambientazione del film cult horror La Cosa. Leggi il testo sintetico, oppure il testo legale della licenza. Make no bones about it, what happens in this game is shocking and if you are easily offended I highly suggest that you stay away. On your turn, you must follow these three steps, in order: 1) Draw one card from the deck and add it to your hand. 3) To increase the difficulty of the game to the advantage of The Thing, the "Flamethrower" and "Analysis" cards can be added to the deck during Step 5 of setup, instead of dealing them out at the beginning of the game. ", "Can’t We Be Friends? Their goal is to work together to to identify which player is The Thing and roast it with a "Flamethrower" card. Its goal is to annihilate the Humans or turn them into Infected by passing them an "Infected!" Bluth, nicknamed "Getaway," to leave his posse. Salve, Shuffle "The Thing" card (previously set aside) with these cards and deal 4 to each player to form their starting hands. You can find it on Amazon or many online stores for the European market. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers.